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iHappyDog Orthopedic Faux Fur Dog Bed


Will the faux fur rugs and blankets shed?

Initially, shedding may occur with faux fur products, particularly during the early days. However, this should gradually diminish as any loose fibers are shed off. To mitigate shedding, washing the faux fur covers of the bed and the faux fur blankets on a delicate cold wash cycle should help minimize shedding over time.

Is an orthopedic bed only suitable for older dogs?

Not at all! An orthopedic memory foam bed is beneficial for dogs of any age. For larger breeds or dogs prone to hip dysplasia or joint issues, starting with proper support at a young age can help maintain their joint health in the long run.

What are the advantages of a memory foam bed?

A memory foam dog bed provides various benefits, especially for senior dogs or those with conditions like arthritis or hip dysplasia. It offers enhanced support for your dog's joints and muscles, aiding in better weight distribution while resting. Additionally, for puppies, it ensures adequate support from an early age, potentially preventing future health issues.

Do you already have a bed and just need a new cover?

We offer replacement covers for select memory foam dog beds. To ensure the perfect fit, be sure to choose the same size and style as your existing bed. For any inquiries about your bed size or assistance, feel free to reach out to us at with your order number.

What size dog bed should I get?

The size of the dog bed you need will depend on the length of your dog. The best way to determine the right size is to measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail; this is the minimum length the bed needs for your dog to stretch out.

What's the thickness of the memory foam mattress?

The memory foam in our dog beds measures approximately 2 inches thick for optimal comfort and support.

At iHappyDog, we're all about elevating your pet's life. Crafting more than just products, we create experiences that bring comfort, joy, and wellness to your furry friends. With quality and innovation at our core, each item is made with care to ensure every wag is a little brighter. Pets are family, and our mission is to provide vet-approved solutions that nurture a happy, healthy bond between humans and their furry best friends.